Day 4

Questioning Your Path

The greatest source of power for Wiccans is, above all else, spiritual truth. Wiccan leave blind faith to the practitioners of other spiritual paths. Wicca should help you to face life candidly. Through persistent spiritual inquiry you can maintain a heightened perspective about your path and your growth. The ability to make honest, powerful life choices comes with clear perspective.

Be honest with yourself now. Explore the following questions listed below and commit your feelings to paper. You might facilitate your writing process by first discussing your responses to these questions with other members in our group via Facebook. (Click the link at the bottom of this email if you have not already joined.)

  • Why am I exploring the Wiccan path?
  • What were my previous spiritual practices?
  • Did any of these past practices lead me to investigate Wicca? How?
  • What are my hopes in engaging in this path?
  • What are my fears in engaging in this path?
  • How will I handle friends and family members who might not approve of my spiritual search?
  • Aside from transitioning to a new spiritual path, are there other major events that impact my life at this time (for example, deaths, births, divorce, job loss, etc.)?
  • If I have major life events happening right now, is this the best time to explore a new spiritual path? Why/why not?

After you have completed your responses on paper, spend time in quiet contemplation of them.


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