Let’s Get Started

Congratulations on your decision to embark on your spiritual journey within the Coven of the Emerald Isle. You see, every step you have taken to get here has been a part of your overall lesson on your spiritual path. By completing our training course it is hoped that you move further along in your quest for mystical and self-knowledge. 

Things you should know about this course:

  1. You may take as long as you like to work through the material, however, we suggest one lesson per month to keep you focused and moving along. We have found that if you do not pace yourself, you will lose interest soon after lesson two.
  2. All sections of your written work are to be reviewed by your instructor. However, your instructor will only keep copies of your rituals and spells to be added to the BOS. The rest of the material will be kept in your possession.
  3. We would appreciate a twenty-dollar donation per month to cover the cost of materials and coven upkeep. If you are financially strapped and cannot donate, please contact your instructor.
  4. The first twelve lessons you receive are considered the Dedicant material. After which successfully completed, you will be elevated to First Degree and become eligible to continue on to the next course of your training. Which then are followed by Second and Third Degree training courses. After which you will be eligible to run your own coven under the umbrella of Coven of the Emerald Isle.

You will find that the first few lessons consist of various pieces of information gathered and combined over the years. These lessons do not flow like a book. Each portion reads like an entry in a Book of Shadows. Each topic is really studied on its own.

Now, on to your first lesson! I wish you much success!

Calypso Conjure

Coven Head/High Priestess

Coven of the Emerald Isle

Let’s Get Started!!



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