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This card signals that you’ve already met the person you romanticaly seek. Perhaps you’re already in a relationship with him or her! The Romance Angels sent you this card because it seems you’re not recognizing or enjoying the full potential of this person and relationship.

Sometime’s you may overlook someone who’s meant for you because you have a different idea of what your partner should look or act like. Take a moment to consider who this might be. The first person to come to mind is probably the one.

Next, invite the Romance Angels into your dreams as you’re going to bed. Ask them to give you very clear information about your romantic partner (either in your present relationship or a future one). During sleep, you’re more open to angelic guidance. When you awaken, you may not remember your dreams, but you will have a clearer sense of romance and partnership. Take any action you feel called to based on your inner guidance, even if it seems unrelated to your love life. Trust that the angels are leading you toward the one you desire.