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This card answers your question in perhaps a surprising way because addictions are the culprit behind the issues you’re attempting to solve. This could be your own craving for a substance or unhealthful behavior, or it could be that your partner’s addictions are impacting your love life. The card is also an indicator of childhood experiences in an addictive family.

Addictions numb the heart to pain, but they also diminish its capacity to love. Since love is the basis of your romantic partnership, addictions become a barrier to moving forward toward true emotional intimacy. This is especially true if you are twisting yourself in knots to please a person whose dependency has lessened his or her capacity for happiness. That no-win situation will negatively affect your self-esteem and your own happiness if you continue.

Fortunately, lots of support is available worldwide in the form of 12-step meetings and other addiction-support fellowship models. Whether it is you or your romantic partner who has the addiction, you can find free groups near you through Internet searches or by contacting a local community health center.