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Forgiving And Learning_1

The Romance Angels have heard your desire for great love, and they bring you this card as guidance. They see that your heart can give and receive the bliss of romance by clearing away the cobwebs of the past. The Angels know that you’ve been hurt before, and that you’re wary of being hurt again. Yet your defenses are creating barriers to allowing love into your life.

As you heal your past, you won’t keep re-creating it. After all, you attract into your life the situations and relationships that remind you of what you’ve already experienced, because that is a primary tool of healing.  To change to a healthier relationship pattern, it’s necessary to detoxify any old anger, blame, or unforgiveness you may be holding. This includes forgiving yourself.

If you call upon the Angels and ask them to help you release and heal your past, they’ll clear away the heaviness so that your heart can soar with happiness.