It is but a small step from the right attitude of the Chariot to Justice, which is not concerned with abstract principles, but tries to answer the age-old question: How do we manage to do that, which is right for us and how do we abstain from that, which is not right for us?

The land on the card represents familiar territory and the water, the uncharted territories beyond. In order to wisely judge you have to connect the known with the unknown – and learn to distinguish one from the other. The scales of justice measure that which is only vaguely known. Unclear feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations have to be evaluated, prejudices have to be overcome.

Dali painted the woman in the well-known style of Lukas Cranach. Her wild mane represents an abundance of life force, but also the invincible spirit of justice. Her girl like body hints at two kinds of virginity. (Which already refers to the card The Hermit.) Some people consider virginity and innocence virtues that are forever lost with the first sexual encounter. Other people see virginity and innocence as goals of personal growth that we have to work towards. >>Innocence is nothing that can be lost, it is something that can be gained.<< (Bertolt Brecht) This kind of virginity and innocence is exemplified by mindfulness and the ability to get involved without getting entangled.

Practical Advice:

The more precise the investigation, the more loving the judgment! >>The more knowledge is contained within a thing, the greater the love.<< (Paracelsus) What is currently needed is the courage to criticize and to praise, especially the willingness to shed the discerning light of love on every person and event, on both the high and the low points of your life.