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Arval points to the light in his throat center. In esoteric lore, the energy center at the throat is about communication. Faeries are great communicators, though not necessarily in words as we use them. They speak through words, of course, but they also speak through the rustle of leaves, the pattern of clouds in the sky, the way flower petals fall. They tickle us with touches almost too subtle to feel, trying to get our attention, and they sometimes speak through our dreams and daydreams. Their communications are somewhat like those of cats – part verbal, part body language, part telepathy, and part pure faery.

Arval says that we humans can semaphore each other by flashing the lights in our throat centers. In fact, he says we do that, and read the messages on an unconscious level, which is one of the ways we pick up on the unspoken feelings and thoughts of each other.

Arval also says – and I agree – that almost any situation can be improved by people listening to each other, and that listening is a full half of good communication. The other half, of course, is speaking truly and clearly. Some people use speech as a game or as a test for others to see if they can puzzle out the meaning, and this is fairly fun as long as actual communication doesn’t matter. When it does, though, it is helpful if we try for clarity, at the very least, and hopefully wisdom as well.

 Arval has many wise sayings to help us.

It takes two to say ‘yes’ but only one to say ‘no’. Where the stream is shallowest, greatest is the noise. He that always complains is never pitied. Better than gold is a tale rightly told. ‘Tis easier to give advice than to take it. From the place where deer are not, they’re not easy to be got. Whoever burns his bottom must himself sit on it.

Well. Enough of that.

Arval reminds us that good clear communication is sometimes hard work. It requires elbow grease because the elbows are the secondary energy centers to the throat. He wishes you to know that his elbows are well greased.

Starter Reading:

Clear communications are vitally important here. Strive for verbal brilliance. Listen carefully. Be articulate. Be willing to calmly debate the issues and explore ideas with others. Open communication will enhance the chance of success all around. Arval also suggests that the querent watch for body language, incomplete sentences, and unfinished thoughts, and try to discover what these signals are meant to get across.