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The lion is a typical sun symbol and the Greco-roman athlete (Apollo) symbolizes a solar, sun-like view of the world. But the card is portrayed in darker tones and that for a good reason. Not only this version, but also most versions of this card show twins, mostly children, which discreetly hints at a second birth.

The second birth is a metaphor, which means that you as an adult have to give birth to yourself. Your first birth brought you into this world. Your second birth is nothing less than deliberately choosing your own life’s path. This path is not defined by habitual behavior and fixed routines; It is created of your own free choosing and by exercising your own free will. Traditional behavior and thought patterns have to be replaced by a consciously chosen life style. (The second birth may be followed by a third or even a fourth birth, because in reality it is a daily rebirth. But the second birth is the most important one, because it is the first birth of consciousness.)

This >>place in the sun<< is the theme of most romantic novels and films, but also the Buddhist goal of enlightenment or the Christian maxim >>If you do not become like the little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.<<

But this second birth is only the result of a process of becoming. As long as you are lacking a true understanding of yourself, which can only be gained by understanding your place in the world, you will remain in an in-between state, in a period of >>being on the road.<< Because this road is full of difficulties, the colors of the picture are subdued and somewhat dark. This card is not about laity basking in the sun, this card is about finding your way towards the sun, which is located in the very center of yourself.

Practical Advice:

Beware of all delusions. Not all that glitters is gold. Surrender to the stream of life energy within and without yourself. >>Love God and do what you want.<< (St. Augustine)