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Illusion. Delusion. Lust. Projection. Clear sight.

Have you ever noticed that when we really, really want someone or something, we tend to see it without clarity? The object of our lust looks flawless and glamorous, which should tell us something right away. But, usually, it doesn’t.

He says his name is Smoothe Harry, but that may be a little illusion of his own. Unlike the Pook (Card 60), The Glanconer doesn’t change his shape to tempt us with our own mental confusions and paradoxes. He simply wears a mirror in which we see our desires temptingly displayed. He doesn’t try to fool us; he simply allows us to fool ourselves. Well…. he may try just a little, just to make the test a little more difficult. After all, we can be more proud of passing a difficult test than an easy one, can’t we?

Smoothe Harry also appeals to our vanity – and the more we have of it, the easier his work is. A little flattery and we’ll believe whatever he wants us to swallow – especially since it is just what we want to swallow anyway. Of all the faery challengers, Smoothe Harry is the most likely to be sly. He practices a sort of emotional judo where he lets our own desires lead us into a fall. As we rush headlong toward our vision of perfection, he need only to step to one side as we cast ourselves at him – and down we go. Not fun. But, maybe. perhaps, we might just learn something from it.

Starter Reading:

It is not good to make decisions when blinded by lust. Whether it is lust for a person, a thing, or an idea, we need to pause and take our time before making actual commitments. We need to read the fine print, check out the foundations, get a mechanic to test the so-beautiful secondhand car. If we are considering buying something, we can refuse to let ourselves be rushed into it and take time to make sure it is really what we think it is. If we are considering making a commitment to other people, we need to take our time and really get to know them much better. This is another lesson in seeing the truth behind a beglamoured surface, though in this case it is we who have cast the glamour.