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Talent as a calling.

It is certainly not your destiny to go through life as a nameless being, but neither are you called upon to sacrifice something very essential in the name of duty: The difference that your existence, your being, and your special talents make.

Feelings of superiority and inferiority are equally dangerous. On the one hand the >>demon<< in the upper right corner symbolizes an excess of scruples, on the other a missing or bad conscience, which constantly >>pulls your hair.<<

Do not foolishly play around with the special talents or handicaps that you possess. You are faced with unique chances as well as difficulties. They are part of what makes you unique. Understand the value of your life’s experiences. In a certain sense every human being is a natural event – just like the flowers on the card.

The arches in the background appear to be very light – as if they were made of flowers. Their form reminds us of the arches shown on the card The Magician. They emphasize your uniqueness as an individual. At the same time the cascading flowers represent gentleness and tenderness, but also fragility. You are called upon to respect the experiences of each individual.

It is the great art of this queen to absorb the experiences of many people and to create something extraordinary and of lasting value from it.

Practical Advice:

For your current situation this card means that you do possess the strength to pursue happiness and to make your fortune. Your love for yourself and your fellow human beings and your ability to accept your present circumstances will allow you to get out of life what is most important for you. Care for your nails, skin, and hair. Go into the mountains and climb a peak. Organize your daily routine in a way that allows you to master the mountains of daily life. As the saying goes, >>First you do what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you will find that you can do the impossible.<<