Primal forces.

Two wands or two flames represent primal energies or basic instincts that are hard to handle. This conflict might pertain to short-term interests and intentions or to major conflicts in life.

The former might relate to having to accomplish two different things at the same time. The latter could pertain to loving two people simultaneously or to the conflict between family and career. The message of this card is: There is always a solution! It is possible to master even the greatest of conflicts. And: Sometimes rudeness can only be answered with rudeness. Turn emotional conflicts into practical tasks and find the solution that fits the problem.

This solution always has to do with an alchemistical transformation of the coarse into the subtle. Divide the seemingly huge conflict into smaller portions that are easier to deal with. This approach is much more useful than staring at the snake like the proverbial rabbit (see the green something at the foot of the figure) or making bad compromises.

The model of a castle that the woman is carrying on a silver platter or a mirror represents that you need a vision of the future and of your own goals in life. And you need to be willing to go through the fires of hell to achieve your goals.

The bird on the right could be a cock, the symbol of alertness and of pride. If you use your imagination you might recognize a phoenix, the bird of fire. The phoenix has to burn up periodically to be reborn from the ashes and regain his beauty.

Dali emphasizes the beauty aspect of this card, not the martial aspect.

Practical Advice:

Great tasks lie before you. Do not allow yourself to be pushed into a corner. You will only succeed if your will and your enthusiasm are unbroken. Rely on your own strength. Have confidence in your determination and your self-discipline. Wait until your vision has become clear and your mind is made up. Then do not hesitate any longer. Act with all your might.