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Emotions. Serenity. Meditation. Gracefully accepting change.

For a moment, close your eyes and just let yourself feel the cool, sparkling faery waters flowing through your fingers. Imagine drinking this sparkling coolness from your own cupped hands, and imagine the water flowing down your throat. You may even be able to feel that magickal, energy-filled coolness flow right through you to your toes.

Ah! Feel better?

Throughout the world, there are healing wells, both for general health and specific ailments. In modern times, Many of their faery qualities have been diluted, even though Tobaira and her healing helpers do all that they can to keep them clear and potent. Faery waters reflect the emotional state of the human people around them, so the faery waters that come through to our world have lessened in purity and power in places where people are living especially stressful “civilized” lives. As one Oracle group member observes, “There are profound connections with drinking water, tears, wells of forgiveness, water as the fluid of transforming nutrients in the body, the connecting flow…. I could flow on and on but I’ll stop.”

However, the many healing faeries who help Tobaira do the best they can under the circumstances to purify the waters, and they try to maintain their own merry spirits to give added power to the waters. We can help the faeries by creating more merriment in the lives of others and in our own lives.

In addition to the healing wells, there are wells and springs that bestow wisdom or skill upon the drinker, like the famous Hippocrene fountain on Mount Helicon, which bestows poetic inspiration. I suspect it of being a faery fountain because of the way it works. If you have one drink, you gain a certain level of poetic ability, another draught brings you more, and the third brings you to the full flower of poetry. The reason the world is not overrun with magnificent poets is because, first, it is very difficult to find the spring, and second, the water packs such a wallop that most people stagger off after a single drink or two. And you only get one chance at the spring. There are also fountains of youth, like the one on Dun I, the highest hill on Iona, a magickal isle on the west coast of Scotland. I looked and looked for this fountain, but didn’t find it. I shall have to try again next time I’m there, because I am much more in need of it now than I was all those years ago.

Starter Reading:

Water is mutable, changeable, fluid, and Tobaira speaks to us of a particular kind of change – change of emotions and possibly a change in health. We have important choices to make about how we meet those changes and where we let them take us – toward the calm, flowing purity of the faery waters or the boiling cauldron of hot temper and steamy emotions. The choice is obvious, but we sometimes forget that we have it. Tobaira reminds us that we do have a choice – and making it, wisely or unwisely, determines our future.

The things we need in life remain constant, no matter what is going on or how hectic the changes and pressures in our ice may be. We need nurturing and love, and it is ultimately up to us to provide that for ourselves. The healing faeries will help us if we ask them to.