New values.

The arm with the coin (and the pentagram) appears out of a gigantic vulva. The trees in the picture symbolize Mother Nature who constantly gives birth to human beings as new developments of creation. The process of birth or the growing of something new does not only exemplify the fact that matter contains life and energy. The pentagram (the five-pointed star also known as pentacle) is an energy sign and symbol for man. The five points represent head, hands, and feet.

The card emphasizes the double nature of man. You are like a coin with the two sides representing your character. On the one side experience and expectation, on the other future events and results. The one side reads, “How have I been shaped?” The other, “What do I give shape to?”

Every human being has certain extraordinary and certain quite ordinary aspects. Each person possesses special talents as well as handicaps. By accepting all that you are made of, you will discover and develop your talents.

Each person has certain talents, which are uniquely his or hers. These talents have nothing to do with performing sensational feats. They are not about an entry in the Guinness book of records. Accepting and integrating your special character traits determines your personal talent.

Practical Advice:

How do you see your role in the world? Do you want to take it easy? Or do you want to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders like the titan Atlas did? Sometimes you discover your talents only if you are faced with huge challenges, but sometimes you will come to a better understanding of your uniqueness by paying attention to the small things in life. Recognize the power within yourself and your special contribution the world is waiting for. Conquer the world with creativity and passion.