Your own true nature.

The Empress represents the many empresses and queens of yesterday and today but also the Great Goddess of early history, the threefold Godhead of Christianity and other religions, the mother of gods like Isis and Mary, and last but not least the goddesses of love and fertility like Astarte, Aphrodite, and Venus.

The card is a mirror of your own femininity (or of the female qualities in a man) reflecting your personal experiences as a woman and/or with women, the heritage of your mother, your grandmothers, and your foremothers.

Gala Dali lent her face to represent the Empress. Much has been written about how much Gala dominated her Salvador. But this card goes way beyond any biographical anecdotes. The wide-open background allows the central figure – taken from a picture by Delacroix – to rule a vast realm and an ocean of possibilities. The imperial orb in her left hand symbolizes fertility and the gilding of your own nature. Since the orb is a representation of the globe, it challenges you to claim this vast land as your own and to rule it. The lily scepter in her right hand is an old symbol of fertility and virility. White stars dance around the head of the figure and help her rise above the blue water and the grayish mountains.

This card is all about living a productive, blooming, and clearly defined life. Women as well as men are encouraged to be rulers of their own life and to take responsibility for their own well-being and fortune.

Practical Advice:

In order to be happy and well it is important to create your own realm and establish rules (and follow them), which guarantee your well-being and joy. Take charge of your daily well-being. Kick false goddesses and foreign empresses out of your life!