Lovers by Dali

Paradise and the shadow.

Many of us remember the story of man’s expulsion from paradise, as it is told in the Bible and many other traditions. Less well known – but still a part of our Occidental tradition – is the story of man’s return to paradise, of the eternal life beginning after the Day of Judgment. Well, your day of judgment is today!

We long for love, but we are also afraid to love and be loved. Whether or not love makes us happy depends on our views on love. As long as you are looking for your >>better half<<, you risk being only half a person. If you are looking for the one who is exactly like yourself, you should seriously consider whether this is what you really want. If you are looking for the one person who is like yourself in every aspect, who intimately knows and understands you, you are in reality looking for yourself.

The more pronounced the differences are, the more precious the points of harmony. Once you have learned to love the differences, the doors to a new paradise will open. But be careful. Many shadows and dark clouds will obscure the way. Only love based on the individuality and originality of each partner will reach the new paradise and find its highest point in inspiring experiences, which go beyond the reach of each individual. (See the angel above.)

Practical Advice:

The little angel in the picture also represents the child of the two lovers. This might hint at a real child or could be understood in a figurative sense. Every kind of relationship – even the one with yourself or with a business partner – needs a >>child<< in the figurative sense: a brainchild, a productive result or outcome, a living testimony of your partnership and cooperation that lives and grows.