Deliverance.The Moon represents the collective unconsciousness and oceanic feelings. The full moon will lure old hidden feelings into the open like it lures crabs out of their hiding place. This might shake you up quite a bit. Have the courage to experience even the strongest of emotions although you might encounter moods and mood swings that you can’t quite figure out.

Beware of the danger of getting too absorbed in your ever-changing moods. Come out into the open. Do not hide in the big city jungle. Do not howl at the moon like the dogs or wolves on the bottom left of the card. Do not turn to stone like the big towers.

This is your chance to feel your empathy with all living beings. >>Strangers in the night.<< You understand all human feelings. You are equally at home in the past, the present, and the future. This card promises to integrate that which has been formally suppressed and to transmute the destructive depths of your psyche into uplifting psychic forces. It promises to transform the boredom of daily life into a true enjoyment of life. It promises you nothing less than the kiss of the muse!

Practical Advice:

Accept your intense emotions as a reality that wants to be lived just like any other aspect of your being. Experience as much as possible and take all experiences into consideration that you may safely swim in the deep waters of your psyche. Make your peace with God and the world. This is a card that encourages you to open up your heart and to let go of your self-conscious.