Magical moments. The scene from the 1863 painting The Turkish Bath by Ingres in conjunction with the butterflies and the ten coins in a circle represents joy of living, best results, blooming talents, and great wealth.

Individuality cannot be achieved in isolation. If you succeed in finding the bridge to others, loneliness – the shadow of missing individuality – will disappear. And with it the danger of drowning in the crowd.

The communal bath represents the joys of sensuality and the highlights of sense. The bath is a symbol of baptism, of renewal, and of purification. In a spiritual sense the card shows a true fountain of youth. If we bathe in its waters, the daily contact with other people will not drain us, it will refresh us.

The greatest wealth lies in acknowledging and fulfilling your responsibility to the world as a whole. Your own experiences and those of others constitute a greater whole. You know that you will not be able to hold onto anything and that change is inevitable and contains all possibilities. You know that your doing is based on the doing of your ancestors and that the younger generations will carry on. Time is relative. Nothing ever gets lost. Nothing keeps you from living and from feeling your own rhythm. Nothing keeps you from lingering or moving on.

Practical Advice:

Cooperation, exchange, mutual support, and compromises are good as long as they are the result of each individual involved following his or her own path. They become unnecessarily limiting, if they are based on sacrificing your independence and your individuality. Mutual dependence and fixed rules of behavior will create harmful barriers. Touch the moment with your magic wand of individuality and contribute to a communal style of living, in which each and every individual can walk his or her own path in joy. Then the bliss of mutuality will blossom and a culture of shared intentions can develop.