Judgment day is today. Although the butterflies and the two faces in profile alienate this picture, it still shows a traditional depiction of the Day of Judgment. The angel is sounding the trumpet, the graves are opening up, and the dead are brought back to life. In the foreground we see an open shell sketched in black ink, which presents its pearl. This detail represents the message of the whole card.

You are subjected to the influence of strong energies and you possess strong energy. Latent energies are being awakened and call on you to change and transform yourself.

This card challenges you to take a closer look at and to deal with the extreme aspects of your life. Major desires and fears as well as the habit of putting the blame on yourself and others will have to be dealt with over and over again, until the basement of your past is cleaned out and the penthouse of your future is fully furnished. Only then will rebirth be more than a repetition of the old. It will truly be a new beginning on a higher level.

The story of Judgment Day is not just a religious myth, it is to be taken literally. The Day of Judgment is today! Each and every morning we are faced with the task of awakening and accepting all of our energies. That includes really burying all that which is dead and preparing yourself for the birth of that, which has not been born yet.

Every day is a farewell and a new beginning. If you can accept every single day as a gift, you will gain faith and an active interest in life. There will always be desires and fears, but you will have learnt to handle them appropriately. You will open up towards the colorful spectacle that is life, which is beckoning you to participate.

Practical Advice:

Let go of that, which has been. Say your goodbyes and make your peace with it. Learn to forgive without forgetting. Everything is important. You have chosen in the past and you are now free to choose anew and to decide, which road you want to take.