Queen of Swords

Conscious living. The Queen of Swords has two faces. She is a stern judge and at the same time a cheerful elf-queen. The butterfly below her represents the latter aspect, the red super-ego (ghost, conscious?) above her the former.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the suit of swords is that it reveals newer and happier alternatives to realize your current needs. Use the weapons of your mind to liberate yourself from internal and external dependencies. Stand up for yourself. Do not be impressed by superficialities or delusions. Refine your power of discernment.

The placement of the queen in a cloud constitutes a warning to beware of castles built in the air and of other pipe dreams. In a more positive sense it indicates that the realm of the mind is a world in itself with special chances and opportunities. Use the capacity of your mind to recognize and to define vague desires or fears. One of the major strengths of this mistress of perception lies in the release of unfounded fears.

Most prejudices and fears are unfounded and therefore constitute self-imposed obstacles, masks, or convenient excuses. In other cases they express authentic needs and experiences, which cannot be expressed in any other way. Swords (the weapon of the mind) have the power to develop and refine your mental capacities. To define and discern experiences, which you have been unaware of previously, is part of that power.

Practical advice: Ensure clarity in your decisions and your behavior. If necessary use a magnifying glass or a pair of binoculars to look at your concerns from all possible angles. Refine love, lust, and passion. This is a card of releasing your fears and of recognizing new chances in matters of the heart.