Gaining strength. At a first glance the picture seems to show a proud and strong horseman. At a second glance however we discover that he is holding only one of the six wands in his hand. Five wands remain in the background. On the left we see a small, face-less figure.

This small figure represents man’s proverbial “second childhood”, or the inner child. Because he is drawn only vaguely and has no face, we might rightfully assume that this aspect of the rider is underdeveloped. Unless you accept your inner child, you are bound to be driven by childish motives and fears – without even being aware of it. Unless you integrate it, you will have only part of your power at your disposal. (Only one of six wands.)

We often think that we have to suppress our weaknesses in order to become proud and strong. The picture shows us that in reality the opposite is true. If you acknowledge strengths as well as weaknesses, you will become much stronger. (See the horse and the energy of the five additional wands.) The fie wands represent influences and events that are beyond your control. If you know your strengths as well as your weaknesses you will become much more flexible. Thus you enhance your ability to cooperate with your destiny.

You need to reconcile yourself with your inner child and with your own animalistic aspects. You need to make peace with your own imperfections and say good-bye to many immature behaviors and habits. This process of growing up is represented by the ring and the one wand, which symbolize the differences between as well as the unification of the feminine and the masculine. A mature sexuality enhances your personal power and vitalizes your self-confidence. It is important to recognize the feminine and the masculine as two aspects of your own personality.

Practical Advice:

Do not be intimidated and don’t intimidate others. Stand up for what moves you and go for it. Then you will be like a bushfire: unstoppable.