The Singer of Healing

Healing of body, mind, and spirit.

The song of this Singer has the power of healing deep wounds of the spirit – wounds that can destroy mortals or immortals alike. Faith betrayed, love dishonored, trust abandoned, and other injuries of the spirit all inflict serious wounds, which are reflected in the body’s illnesses and injuries. Through the song of healing, we may be restored and renewed, but only if the wounded one is prepared to forgive and let go, returning to love and compassion. As always with all the gifts of spirit, healing is offered, not forced, and requires active participation on our part.

True healing must take place on all levels at once – body, mind, and spirit. These levels are inextricably linked, all one piece, and we cannot expect to change one without changing the others. Our bodies do not do things all on their own. The links between different aspects of being are many, complex, and often obscure. And yet, the principle of healing them is simplicity itself. We need only to let go of the things that are hurting us and nurture ourselves with the things that benefit us. So simple! So difficult!

The song of Healing is present everywhere, and like the other aspects of the great song of Ekstasis, it is without limit. Healing can seem so complex as we dig our way through all our blocks and resistances and old stuff, but in the end it is simply letting go and opening up. Learn everything you can from others; there is a lot of good information out there. Just keep the essential simplicity of the process in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

This is the healer’s card, and it’s presence in a reading may speak of healing to be given or of healing to be received. The circumstances and processes of reaching well-being may seem easy or they may bring great challenges. In either case, we are asked to participate in our own healing as we are strengthened by this Singer.

More usually this Singer speaks of both giving and receiving because we cannot truly and freely give without receiving as well. Healing is something that flows through us, not from us, and as such, we are inevitably affected by its passage. Drawing this card tells us of both a need and an opportunity for healing ourselves and perhaps others as well. As Warren, one of my teachers, said, “Healing is not something you do – it’s something you are.”


When illness of body, mind, or spirit prevails and we feel disconnected from the great song of healing, the question we need to ask ourselves is “What feelings or ideas or beliefs am I holding on to that keep my wounds open and unhealed?” And, “What can I do to nurture myself and open to the song of Healing?”