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Sunken treasure. Discovery of self. Adventure.

The realm of Losgunna, the Frog Queen, is extensive, both below and above the waters. Faery waters are made up of human emotions, sometimes beautifully clear and sparkling and sometimes disgustingly murky. Different faeries are attracted to different waters. You would hardly expect to find the Soul Shrinker or old Gloominous Doom happily splashing in clear or sparkling waters, although you might find Nelys the Alchemist at a murky pool, holding her nose as she waves a clarifying wand over it. Most of the bright faeries avoid such places. However, Losgunna knows that there are treasures, lost in disasters or abandoned by pirates, to be found in the murkiest of waters.

Exploration is what this card is all about, and through exploring and seeing what we really are, warts and all (Losgunna would like you to know that she doesn’t have warts), we discover parts of our talents and potentials that have been hidden by old traumas and misunderstandings, or by lack of opportunity. Losgunna’s explorations are not limited to the realm of the emotions but also include the world. She wants us to dive deeply into new experiences involve flying high. Listen to different styles of music with open ears, try new tastes, look at new sights, and try them all with the open willingness of a child. She especially wants us to explore new ideas.

Have you ever noticed how people tend not to explore the territory they live in? How they only visit the special places there when they are trying to entertain someone from out of town? We do the same thing with so many aspects of our lives, and then, sometimes, we grumble that life is dull. Life is always adventurous for adventurous people and boring for boring people. My grandmother told me this when I was nine, and I expect she got it from Losgunna. She also told me that if I didn’t have anything interesting to do, I might as well clean up my room. I took this lesson to heart and so can you. If life seems boring and you feel stuck in your puddle, either explore the parts of the puddle you haven’t really seen before or jump out and do something new and interesting. I’m sure you, dear reader, are not a bored or boring person – boring people don’t read blogs like this.

Losgunna tells us to pay attention to our dreams, to listen to the murmur of the waters, to note the patterns in the damp, fallen leaves, to listen for the distant, high sounds of angelic music among the stars. She also suggests soothing baths, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, trips to the nearest spa or hot springs, and dips in the handiest sea, pond, or mountain lake. Mud baths also help us quiet down and become strong enough to explore her territory, which is the earth and the waters, from the depths to the heights.

As important as it is to explore the inner realms, she tells us that exploration of the outer realms is also vital. She suggests that we go places we have never been, try things we have never done, take classes in subjects we always meant to study someday, maybe even learn a language and see where that takes us. Explore widely and deeply in our own world so that we develop the adventurousness of our spirits.

It almost goes without saying that she recommends exploring Faery. She also suggests kissing any metaphorical or actual frogs you encounter to test for princes or princesses – but I don’t know how seriously you want to take that suggestion.


Bored? Tired of the same old thing? A question we must ask ourselves is are we boring as well as bored? The message here is to try the things suggested above (or invent our own) before Gawtcha takes pity on us and liberates us from our firmly stuck-in-the-mud state. It is so much more fun to jump than to be pushed.