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Geeeeeooo the Slooow

Cycles of time. Slowness. Waiting. Patience.

Geeeeeooo is the Gnome of Slow Processes. How long is it going to take for that water to wear that rock away? How much has that mountain grown (or eroded) in the last millennium? Geeeeeooo is there watching attentively, making certain that things don’t happen too fast, resulting in a slip-shod job. It is he who watches the waves slowly encroach on the shore, wearing away the cliffs. Elsewhere, to keep things in balance, he watches certain mountains slowly grow taller.

Geeeeeooo is also the master of the clarification process whereby we let something sit quietly while the impurities slowly settle themselves out, allowing the substance to purify itself in time.

Geeeeeooo doesn’t understand why we rush about so, missing out on the slow changes in the worlds around us. He is amazed at the stress and problems we create for ourselves by doing that. He wonders how we can survive if we don’t sit down and watch the sunrises and sunsets or if we “don’t have time” to enjoy our lives – especially if we are so busy rushing around with the idea that we are making things good for ourselves later but never now.

The thing about Geeeeeooo’s process is that they all proceed in good order. Fruit ripens on time, grain is ready at harvest time, and the moon and earth circle each other in equitable balance, neither too quickly nor too slowly. These natural processes work well, and in our own lives it is helpful to use them for models, finding the right pace – the pace that allows natural, low-stress growth and progress and joy. The world isn’t turning any faster, so we might ask ourselves why we are trying to cram more into our days.

Slow down. Sit back in your chair and think a little. Why are you going so fast? What do you hope to gain from it? Are you metaphorically trying to push the river? What kind of stress is being created in your life by hurrying? The presence of Geeeeeooo in a reading indicates that the situation or issue is part of a long process that cannot well be hurried. It is important to settle in for a long haul and to set a pace that you can maintain for as long as needed, while remaining relaxed and patient. If you are short on patience, try cultivating your acquaintance with the Singer of the Chalice. You will find life much more delightful if you do. Geeeeeooo himself clearly does, to judge from his face.


Unnecessary delays or even stalling may be going on here. Whether the querent is the cause or the victim of this, it may be time for him to give things a tactful but firm push to get them in motion. Geeeeeooo may be in charge of slow processes, but they should be actually proceeding and not stuck.