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Ramadan (Saudi Arabia)



Religious Devotion; Meditation; Purity; Home; Justice; Children


Moon; Silver; White Stones

About Al-Lat:

A Persian and Arabian moon goddess, Al-Lat is the feminine form of Allah. Post-Islamic writings banished her name from holy books, but her presence remained behind as a domestic guardian, the giver of children, and protectress of all good and just deeds.

To Do Today:

Around this time of year, Muslims begin a time of abstinence to purify themselves and honor their sacred book, the Qu’ran. During this fast, people are instructed to look within and rededicate their hearts to the tenets of their faith. To do this and also honor A-Lat, fast for this day if physically feasible. Or, just abstain from one well-loved food or beverage for the day, and study your own sacred text(s). Pray to Al-Lat for insight into the deeper meanings of the words. Write down any observations in a journal, so Al-Lat’s presence will inspire good deeds and positive action for many years to come.

To attract Al-Lat’s protective energies into your home, grasp four white items (Coral and moonstone are excellent choices), saying

Within these ________________ of white,

Al-Lat, place your protective light.

Where’er these ______________s are placed around,

your safety and presence shall abound.

Put these as close as possible to the four directional points of the area that needs guardian power.