Mayan Calendar Begins (Central America)



Time; Cycles; Creativity; Divination


Calendars; Blue-Green Items; Light

About Xmucane:

This Mayan goddess of time created time’s calculation and the calendar along with her partner Xpiyacoc. She continues watching over all calendar functions and acts as a prophetess because she can see both past and future consecutively. Her folkloric titles include Day’s Grandmother and Maker of the Blue-Green Bowl (likely the sky).

To Do Today:

Mayans believe the universe began on this date in 3114 B.C.E. They also teach that time will end on December 23, 2012. Exactly what this means in terms of human evolution is left to the imagination. In either case, today is a time for fresh beginnings. Call upon Xmucane to bless your appointment book and help you make the most productive possible use of your time. Try this mini-ritual:

Light a blue-green candle secured in a bowl, and place it behind your calendar. Hold your hands palms-down over the datebook and say,

Lady of time, where I stand in your stream.

Grant me the perspective with which to move forward

confidently, using each day on this earth to

grow and learn the ways of the Goddess. Inspire my

efforts to transform every moment of my life with

positive magic. Today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

let my moments be filled with you. So be it.

Blow out the candle and keep it for other rites.