Fiesta de Santa Clara (Southeastern United States)



Harvest; Weather; Growth



About Selu:

This Southeastern Native American corn goddess planted her very heart so people wouldn’t go hungry. Corn sprouted from it. To this day, her spirit teaches us how to refertilize the earth to bring us the sustenance we need.

To Do Today:

In this primary festival among the Pueblo Indians, Santa Clara replaced Selu, the spirit of the corn, when Christianity took hold. For the Pueblo, corn is a staple, so as the sun reigns in power they dance for rain and evoke the Corn Spirit for every portion of the crop’s growth. Following this tradition, if it’s raining today, go outside and rejoice in Selu’s growth-related energy. Dance with a bit of corn (or eat some beforehand) to invoke her powers for progress in any area of your life.

If your region has needed rain lately, try drumming for it while scattering corn kernels mingled with pine needles on the ground. The corn and needles act as a gift to the goddess, and the sound they make is a kind of sympathetic magic to draw the rain.

Finally, carry corn in your pocket today. Beforehand, visualize a specific characteristic you’d like to “harvest” within yourself. Each time you think of the corn that day, visualize that goal again. Then, at the end of the day, plant the kernel in the ground so Selu can start it growing!