Saint Lawrence Day (Spain/Italy)



Fire; Fertility


Hearth; Fire; Stove; Cooking Utensils

About Auge:

This Spanish goddess of heat and fertility helps us celebrate today’s festivities by providing our cooking fire! Auge also inspires the warmth of passion so that fertility will flow in the relationship and on a physical level if desired.

To Do Today:

In an odd turn of events, the same saint who was roasted alive because of his wit became the patron saint of the kitchen and cookery in Spain and Italy. In keeping with this theme, prepare grilled or roasted food today, invoking Auge simply by lighting the flames!

If weather permits, have a fire festival in your yard over the barbeque or hibachi, and bless your cooking utensils by placing them momentarily in the flames. As you do, add an incantation like this one:

By the forge, by the fire, Auge build the power higher.

Within these tools let there be an abundance of fertility!

Use these tools outside or in your kitchen whenever you need extra productivity. Should the weather not cooperate, this spell works perfectly on a gas stove, which gives off a flame in which Auge can dwell.

Finally, wear red or orange hues today (the colors of fire), and remember to light a candle to honor this goddess. Consider dabbing on some fiery aromas, too, like mint, orange, or ginger, for a little extra energy and affection.