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Teej (Nepal)



Fertility; Feminity; Cleansing; Devotion


Lotus; Elephant; Dance

About Parvarti:

The celebrated Hindu goddess of women is the center of festivities in Nepal today. Parvarti’s domain is that of faithful companionship and fertility, as she is the consort of Shiva. Art often shows Parvarti dancing, in the company of Shiva, or with an elephant’s head.

To Do Today:

Try following Nepalese custom. Wash your hands and feet with henna (or a henna-based soap product) for Parvarti’s productive energy. Or, go out and swing on a swing set singing sacred songs; this draws Parvarti to you.

Another way to invoke Parvarti is by giving a special woman in your life (a friend, lover, relative, etc.) a gift in thankfulness for her companionship. The goddess exists within that friendship and will bless the relationship. Take a ritual bath to cleanse yourself of negativity and problems of the last year. Water offerings are also a suitable gift to this goddess. Pour out a little bit on the ground and then drink some to internalize any of her qualities that you need.

Wearing fine clothing and flowers is also customary, because all things of beauty please Parvarti. So get out your finery for your celebrations, and put on a boutonniere! Or wear something with a flower pattern to draw Parvarti close to your side.