Pilgrimage to Loch mo Naire (Scotland)



Banishing; Health; Protection


Water; Oak

About Triduana:

In Scotland, this goddess rules over sacred water sources, from which she selflessly gives of her elixir to all who ask in humility. Many of her wells are said to dwell beneath oak trees, ancient symbols of protection and well-being.

To Do Today:

Since the 1800s, people have been coming to Loch mo Naire around this time of year to heal their body, mind, or spirit. People sip a bit of the water and bathe in it three times, giving an offering of silver coins to the generous water spirit there. For us this means drinking eight glasses of water today, as is often recommended by physicians for improved health. This helps flush our toxins and draws Triduana’s healing energy into our bodies.

Another custom easily followed is that of taking off one’s clothes and walking backward to banish sickness. Both of these actions symbolize a turning away or a change. If possible, choose clothing you don’t need anymore, take it off, throw it out, then walk backward to a place where you can put on fresh clothing and don Triduana’s blessings!

Interestly enough, oak leaves have long been considered excellent health charms. If you can catch one before it touches the earth, you ensure yourself of Triduana’a protection and a month without colds.