Aomori Nebuta (Japan)



Harvest; Energy; Cleansing; Health


Fire; Light; Energy Sources

About Huchi:

This Japanese fire goddess keeps our internal fires burning to give us the energy necessary for completing whatever projects are at hand. She also uses her fires to cleanse the human body and protect it from disease.

To Do Today:

This ritual in Japan is designed to help farmers stay awake for longer intervals in order to complete their harvesting duties. By making an effigy of the sand figurine, they hope to appease the spirit of sleep and finish their tasks. So, when you need to keep a fire under a project or be a little more alert for the tasks at hand, turn on a light or ignite a candle. This activates Huchi’s power in your living space.

Alternatively, get a little sand from a beach or a child’s sandbox and empower it, saying,

Each pinch I take keep me awake.

Keep this handy when you’re working. Whenever you feel a little weary, release a pinch of the sand to the winds or the earth to refresh your energy.

For health-related matters, I suggest dressing warmly or taking a warm bath. As you do, meditate and visualize yourself in white, purifying flames that collect all your tensions or sickness and burn them away painlessly. Huchi lives in both the warmth and the fires of your vision.