Helena Blavatsky’s Birthday (Ukraine)

The Narucnici


Psychic Abilities, Spirituality; Destiny; Divination


An Eye; All Symbols of Fate or Destiny

About the Narucnici:

In Slavic regions, these are goddesses of fate who see each child’s destiny at birth. At times they can be propitiated through prayers to alter one’s destiny, especially when it’s running headlong into disaster.

To Do Today:

In 1831, the acclaimed mystic Helena Blavatsky was born under the watchful eye of the Narucnici, who must have predicted an impressive life for her. Helena grew up to establish the Theosophical Society, whose goal is to explore mystical phenomena, to better understand it, and to expose fraudulent dealings. To remember this remarkable woman and honor the Narucnici, focus on your own inherent magickal potential. All of us have the Goddess’s prophetic ability within; it’s just a matter of activating that talent. One exercise that seems to help people is meditating on opening the chakra located in the middle of your forehead (the third eye). Close your physical eyes and visualize a purple-silver light pouring into your forehead from above. See it swirling clockwise, forming the image of an eye. Allow this eye to open, very slowly. Do you feel different as it opens? Can you sense things on the edge of your awareness you couldn’t before? After the exercise, try your favorite divinity tool and examine what new insights it offers now that you’ve cleared the path for that foresight a bit.