There are two theories as to how August got its name. Some historians say the designation honors the Roman emperor Augustus, a man renowned for his leadership skills and love of the arts. Others claim the name derives from Juno Augusta, an oracle in ancient times. In fact, Roman seers were often called “augurs,” which gives some credence to the second interpretation.

In either case, August contains numerous music and art festivals and county fairs that continue in summer’s high-energy cycle but also shows signs of autumn’s harvest theme. You will also begin to notice an increase in the number of festivals for the dead, now that the sun’s light is waning.

In terms of magick, August accentuates kinship or community spirit through its gatherings. It is a time to enjoy the remaining warmth of the earth, celebrate the human spirit, and generally make yourself more aware of how you use your time. Remember, fall is just around the corner, so cast spells for energy and health, with a little happiness tossed in “just because”!