August kicks off with an abundance of good vibes, while also placing a sharp focus on your social life. But don’t think this means the universe won’t throw a challenge or two your way as well!
August 2 features a pair of compelling astrological events: the full Moon rising in Aquarius opposite the Leo Sun, and the Sun partnering with Jupiter.

Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs — in other words, super stubborn! — so as the Moon and Sun oppose one another, you’ll have a hard time deciding between following an independent or hyper-social path. Try to choose an activity that allows for team-oriented goals as well as individual success; possible ideas could include participating in a team sport or supporting a local cause. At the very least, try your best to find peace, whether you’re the center of attention or just one of the gang!

Fortunately, Jupiter also accompanies the Sun at this time to let fortune, luck and confidence shine down upon you! Jupiter, currently under the influence of Gemini, will fill your world with sparkling and witty conversations, while prompting everyone to avoid confrontation and arguments. It’s a perfect day to get out and chat up everyone you see!

A bit of confidence can do wonders to improve your day, and the best way to build self-assurance is to understand and accept who you are.

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